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early morning sunshine softening the memory of the night’s chill on your cheek

crouching down in the long grass as the bees and bugs buzz busily amongst tiny flowers

fuzzy calves staring at you obstinately through the morning’s mist as you walk down to the creek

rain, lots of rain, and then more rain, and then some rain

seeds sprouting vigorously, doubling overnight it seems in the moist, wormy soil in the veggie patch

birds everywhere, singing, nibbling at the star jasmine, bathing in the rainwater filled galvanised bin bird bath, swooping as you ride your bike down to the general store,

a slick of sweet sticky gloss on your lips as you run out the door

throwing your swimmers in the boot just in case its warm enough to jump in next time you drive past the beach

sweet smells in the air night after night that make you breathe just that little bit deeper each time you go outside for a moonlit walk

fresh organic beetroot carrot apple ginger juice for breakfast, big red radishes and tender leaves ripe for the picking

country fairs with heaving stalls, freshly squeezed lemonade and handmade wares

spring … aaah, how I welcome thee!



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recently inspired by seeing a youtube on Mimi Kirk, a 71 year old woman who has been raw vegan for the past 3 years and looks incredible, and  synchronistically receiving my first box of local organic green goodness from summit organics, I have decided to launch into a raw vegan diet.quick history lesson: I stopped eating red meat as a teenager (basically as soon as I gained autonomy over my plate), and would occasionally supplement my vegetarian diet with some chicken, fish and seafood.

after recently watching  ‘the end of the line’, I stopped eating fish.

I moved to organic chicken only after watching ‘food, inc.’

and shortly thereafter realised that I no longer wanted to eat animals at all – for many reasons, the environmental impact of industrial food being only one.

after perusing some some raw vegan blogs and websites, my favourite resource being ‘give it to me raw‘ – I came up with today’s Sunday lunch – a power-packed, totally raw & organic salad plate which looked like this:

a brief description: the green salad is chopped up kale, that I sprinkled with sea salt (to soften) and fresh juice of a just-picked orange.

the red stuff is a coleslaw that I made up my own recipe for: shred cabbage, grate carrot, grate beetroot, add crushed garlic, sea salt, cracked pepper, apple cider vinegar, sesame oil, sultanas and shredded ginger.

the white stuff is – wait for it – fresh cauliflower that I chopped up in the food processor, and then added freshly squeezed lime juice, celery, coriander and radish. and a touch of homemade hummus – which I already had made, from tinned chickpeas (future editions will be from freshly sprouted chickies that are soaking as we speak), raw unhulled tahini (double yum!), lots of garlic and lime juice, with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil added to the processor until the mix is creamy lush.

for dessert [ it is sunday!], a double-delicious organic chocolate, figgy, nutty florentine made locally by my good friend Grayle the chocolate goddess – you can check out her goodies on facebook or shop online here.
as part of my healthy spring clean, I am also doing daily skin-brushing, which is meant to be very good for you – circulation, elimination of toxins, and generally makes your skin feel really nice. I use this brush, which I got at my favourite eco-shop, the thin green line.

Two days into my squeaky clean regime, and I am feeling energised and a bit detoxy, and definitely looking forward to the longer-term benefits!

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