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oh I do love a good country fair!

stalls heaving with homemade chutneys and jams

colourful cupcakes smelling of lavender and rose

giggling girls painting flowers on their faces

men with cleverly crafted wooden garden planters

lovely hand sewn aprons with matching oven mitts

gentle voices singing your favourite tunes


and of course the petting zoo!


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early morning sunshine softening the memory of the night’s chill on your cheek

crouching down in the long grass as the bees and bugs buzz busily amongst tiny flowers

fuzzy calves staring at you obstinately through the morning’s mist as you walk down to the creek

rain, lots of rain, and then more rain, and then some rain

seeds sprouting vigorously, doubling overnight it seems in the moist, wormy soil in the veggie patch

birds everywhere, singing, nibbling at the star jasmine, bathing in the rainwater filled galvanised bin bird bath, swooping as you ride your bike down to the general store,

a slick of sweet sticky gloss on your lips as you run out the door

throwing your swimmers in the boot just in case its warm enough to jump in next time you drive past the beach

sweet smells in the air night after night that make you breathe just that little bit deeper each time you go outside for a moonlit walk

fresh organic beetroot carrot apple ginger juice for breakfast, big red radishes and tender leaves ripe for the picking

country fairs with heaving stalls, freshly squeezed lemonade and handmade wares

spring … aaah, how I welcome thee!


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ride your bike downhill, arms outstretched, as the sweet scent of warm jasmine wafts into your nostrils


listen to some country music


count the glow worms at the waterfall

be serenaded by a wandering minstrel

make a piece of jewellery

seriously contemplate keeping it

regrettably decide you should probably sell it instead

so that you can buy more organic veggies (locally-grown, of course!)

I’d love to know how you spent your sunday…





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these are my animals

this morning I went for a walk to the weir


it is a magical spot

I wish you could see it

along the way, a little green tree frog

was on the road

he jumped onto my finger

and so I took him to the water’s edge

for a swim and a feed

I am ready

to begin a new collection

inspired by many things

but in particular this place


and this poem

These are my animals

Of Lions Yes!

Of Eagles Yes!

Of Serpents Yes!

My animals bequeath to me a great chariot

Thundering with fierce electrics

Asundered in vast vision speeding sunward

Their great eyes behold me in the cauldron,

Yes! This is the symbol of our sacrifice!

(Jessa O’ My Heart)


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house of canelli

you’ll catch me here on a friday, amidst the old trunks and silk dresses … house of canelli is a funky little boutique in the village of tyalgum, nestled in the foothills of mt. warning.

this is the view of mt. warning from inside the shop

full of funk and street gear for guys and gals, this little boutique is a find! There are a selection of european labels for guys such as hermes, d&g and armani, as well as the old favourites abercombie&fitch, and paul smith.

and for the girls, sweet, fun, floral silk numbers that you just will not find anywhere else

the boutique is the brainchild of a dear friend of mine, who is a fashion designer and style extraordinaire. he has a workshop attached to the shopfront, where he works until the wee hours bringing forth his masterpieces. the black suit on the dummy in the picture above is one of his graduating pieces.

I have totally fallen in love with this dress.. what do you think, should I get it?

there are whispers of exciting developments for this boutique soon, and I’ll be keeping you posted once the kittens are allowed out of the bag…

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….for my wonderful friends, who remind me with their laughter that life is not that serious

… that I can walk down the road and enjoy a cup of freshly roasted, barista-pressed organic coffee that has been made with love

… to have an infinite supply of music in my life

… for the sunshine on a winter’s day

… that there are bright, happy flowers in my garden in the middle of winter

… that I get to do what I love every day of my life

… for all these reminders that love is the only thing that matters

thank you to all who participate and contribute to my life

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one of my favourite tarot cards is the one with the knight on his horse, with the sun setting behind him – weary from a hard days toil, he returns home, heavy but satisfied. “… the boundless freedom the spirit seeks will not be found in fleeing from the demands of the material realities of the world around us. freedom develops through our surrender, with love and service, to all dimensions of earthly life.” [Gerd Ziegler]

today I am that man on his horse, for I have toiled and laboured from dawn to dusk to bring forth a new range of artefacts for osiris. this particular series will be featured in my good friend n.a.c.’s boutique ‘house of canelli’ in tyalgum, northern nsw.

where I live.

a beautiful, beautiful place that you must all come and visit some time.

and bring your friends.

and their friends.

and we can all have organic coffee and flutterby cakes at flutterbies, and watch the cows chomping on grass.

here are today’s fruits, picked from the tree I have chosen to call ‘crusader’. I hope you like.

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