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early morning sunshine softening the memory of the night’s chill on your cheek

crouching down in the long grass as the bees and bugs buzz busily amongst tiny flowers

fuzzy calves staring at you obstinately through the morning’s mist as you walk down to the creek

rain, lots of rain, and then more rain, and then some rain

seeds sprouting vigorously, doubling overnight it seems in the moist, wormy soil in the veggie patch

birds everywhere, singing, nibbling at the star jasmine, bathing in the rainwater filled galvanised bin bird bath, swooping as you ride your bike down to the general store,

a slick of sweet sticky gloss on your lips as you run out the door

throwing your swimmers in the boot just in case its warm enough to jump in next time you drive past the beach

sweet smells in the air night after night that make you breathe just that little bit deeper each time you go outside for a moonlit walk

fresh organic beetroot carrot apple ginger juice for breakfast, big red radishes and tender leaves ripe for the picking

country fairs with heaving stalls, freshly squeezed lemonade and handmade wares

spring … aaah, how I welcome thee!



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the first day of a new month is always a bit exciting for me, like that moment when you open up to the crisp, first page of a fresh notebook, or when you wake up really early and it’s just you and the dawn. it is the first three notes of your favourite tune that hold the feeling of the entire song within their tentative introduction, and the sweetness of that tiny, green, bent over stem of a seedling that has emerged above ground, with the seed cap still on its head. these are my favourite things about beginnings. beginnings are full of promise, change, life, hope…

on this first day of august, I planted my first seeds, row after row of tight little packages of life, being coaxed out of their slumber with a few drops of water, a touch of sunlight, and a cosy, sheltered cubby …

the veggie beds got some loving too – the chook / pussĀ  fence went up today – much to the dismay of miss puss, who turned her nose up at me from the outside

and I am so pleased with the final results, quite fancy really…

my pantry decided to celebrate the birthday of my new fancy veggie patch by offering up some sprouted garlic cloves (this is another reason why buying organic veggies is oh so good – things actually sprout and propagate themselves effortlessly along the way!)… so, into the patch went these beauties…

ah! growing veggies is food for the soul – moist grass underfoot, warm sun on your skin, fresh air and a few wandering chooks to keep you company… and of course, the enjoyment of wandering down the garden path at the end of the day, and returning to the kitchen with a basketful of fresh pickings for dinner.







and a lapful of oranges.

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