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today I give you  nietzsche:


” is not the sea the peacock of peacocks?

even before the ugliest of all buffaloes doth it spread out its tail,

never doth it tire of its lace-fan of silver and silk.

disdainfully doth the buffalo glance thereat, nigh to the sand with its soul,

nigher still to the thicket, nighest, however, to the swamp.

what is beauty and sea and peacock-splendour to it?

this parable I speak unto the poets.

verily, their spirit itself is the peacock of peacocks, and a sea of vanity!

spectators, seeketh the spirit of the poet – should they even be buffaloes!

but of this spirit became I weary; and I see the time coming when it will become weary of itself.

yea, changed have I seen the poets, and their glance turned toward themselves.

penitents of the spirit have I seen appearing; they grew out of the poets.

– thus spake zarathustra.”



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”don’t torture yourself gomez – that’s my job” [snip, snip]

my favourite scene from the addams family, the gorgeously noir morticia (played superbly by anjelica houston), deadpan face as she calmly cuts heads of roses whilst delivering this line…

originally inspired by the goddess of goth, and sprinkled with a good dash of old world romance and victorian poetry, I offer up the Roses Noir series (I’m sure there’s a bit of nick cave in there, and a touch of ‘how do I love thee’…..)

each individual creation evolves over a period of time… I start with forging strips of copper by hand into the teeny tiny roses, which is a process in itself. then, I begin composing the pieces into rings, earrings, pendants. the ring bands and earring posts are sterling silver (925), and I have oxidised both the silver and the copper to age the metal. I love the depth of colour in the copper …. the beautiful thing about these roses noir is that the colours will continue to change and evolve over time, as the patina matures on the copper – just like life. Pretty exciting huh?

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some days I am more in touch

with the sheer vulnerability of life in this place

this feeling

is a hole

in my heart

that hurts

when I breathe


the incredible intensity

of this feeling

it stops me

I stop

I am stopped



life goes on in its mysterious unfolding

but I am no longer moving

I simply observe

each breathe rasping loudly in my chest in this awareness

the breeze through the trees is a crescendo of air to my ears

bells ring and the spirals of sound dance around my head

some talk of gypsies
others of regret
and some, some talk of love

may love flower in your heart today

my wild, wild rose

may it fill your chest

spill out your arms your legs

and into the universe

as infinitely as the sun shining down on all things

I love you



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every girl has a little bit of lola in her …

carefree, willful, precocious, fiesty, proud, spirited ….

today I found my lola again. I channelled her into my jewellery

pounding, firing, polishing my little lola heart out

and in the true spirit of lola, my day ended with a martini [really!]

mixed up by three gorgeous young men [truly!] … oh, thank you lola, for coming back to me!

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ride your bike downhill, arms outstretched, as the sweet scent of warm jasmine wafts into your nostrils


listen to some country music


count the glow worms at the waterfall

be serenaded by a wandering minstrel

make a piece of jewellery

seriously contemplate keeping it

regrettably decide you should probably sell it instead

so that you can buy more organic veggies (locally-grown, of course!)

I’d love to know how you spent your sunday…





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begins with these ideas that float around for days, sometimes weeks – little bubbles of subtle energy that gradually begin to grow in volume…

they feed on music, images, scenes from movies, snippets from shakespeare … until eventually they have gathered enough weight that they begin to float down into the creative realm, and usually surface as a design concept as I am trying to fall asleep – there is a corridor of opportunity in that space between the waking and the dreaming state, and this corridor tends to be a traffic jam of ideas waiting to happen [which unfortunately can mess up the sleep bit for a while]…

then, in the morning, a cup of jo [which is now black due to my veganessness] – a pen [I prefer the black liquid ink type], my sketchbook and some sunshine… and the idea becomes two dimensional – voila! the sketch…

from there, it is scratching the idea into the metal, cutting the idea out,

various other assembly manouvres

and then … the idea has been manifested in all its dimensions, ready to meet the world!

and then, someone claims it as their own, and a little bit of me goes out into the world…

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one of my favourite tarot cards is the one with the knight on his horse, with the sun setting behind him – weary from a hard days toil, he returns home, heavy but satisfied. “… the boundless freedom the spirit seeks will not be found in fleeing from the demands of the material realities of the world around us. freedom develops through our surrender, with love and service, to all dimensions of earthly life.” [Gerd Ziegler]

today I am that man on his horse, for I have toiled and laboured from dawn to dusk to bring forth a new range of artefacts for osiris. this particular series will be featured in my good friend n.a.c.’s boutique ‘house of canelli’ in tyalgum, northern nsw.

where I live.

a beautiful, beautiful place that you must all come and visit some time.

and bring your friends.

and their friends.

and we can all have organic coffee and flutterby cakes at flutterbies, and watch the cows chomping on grass.

here are today’s fruits, picked from the tree I have chosen to call ‘crusader’. I hope you like.

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