every girl has a little bit of lola in her …

carefree, willful, precocious, fiesty, proud, spirited ….

today I found my lola again. I channelled her into my jewellery

pounding, firing, polishing my little lola heart out

and in the true spirit of lola, my day ended with a martini [really!]

mixed up by three gorgeous young men [truly!] … oh, thank you lola, for coming back to me!


ride your bike downhill, arms outstretched, as the sweet scent of warm jasmine wafts into your nostrils


listen to some country music


count the glow worms at the waterfall

be serenaded by a wandering minstrel

make a piece of jewellery

seriously contemplate keeping it

regrettably decide you should probably sell it instead

so that you can buy more organic veggies (locally-grown, of course!)

I’d love to know how you spent your sunday…





this morning I went for a walk to the weir


it is a magical spot

I wish you could see it

along the way, a little green tree frog

was on the road

he jumped onto my finger

and so I took him to the water’s edge

for a swim and a feed

I am ready

to begin a new collection

inspired by many things

but in particular this place


and this poem

These are my animals

Of Lions Yes!

Of Eagles Yes!

Of Serpents Yes!

My animals bequeath to me a great chariot

Thundering with fierce electrics

Asundered in vast vision speeding sunward

Their great eyes behold me in the cauldron,

Yes! This is the symbol of our sacrifice!

(Jessa O’ My Heart)


today we shared the passing of our dear, dear friend Oni.

a beautiful soul,

totally yielded to her form

a natural shepherd and keeper of her ‘herd’.

we are grateful

for all the energy and presence

she gave over the years,

a soul in servitude to others

a wonderful demonstration of selflessness,

right to the end.

in her final hours,

we filled the house with the current of Adi Da

chanting the mahamantra

om – ma – da

the current of eternal release and surrender,

to help support her passage.

we massaged her and called forth angels.

she was present to us throughout her entire 24 hour period of passage,

and although we knew she was suffering,

she did not falter in her attention for a moment.

we sat with her,

little puss came and lay by her side,

we spoke with her,

played her music,

quietly read by her side

and helped her drink her last sips of water as she could.

and then the energy changed,

dave got up and began to prepare her burial site,

I then got up to get the plant that I felt to bury in her ‘garden’

and in that moment,

as we moved out

she released.

We both came back to where she lay,

in silence,

and found her in open-eyed surrender.

here she is

only an hour before she died,

bright and present.

as beautiful as an angel,

as always.

I saw her soul flying,

embraced by an angel,

directly upward,

with such speed that her fur was flattened by the velocity.

‘go, oni, go – yes! yes! yes!’

dear little soul,

flying to the godlight

may she be eternally blessed.

this is oni’s garden

one of her favourite places to sleep in the dappled sunlight.

atop her grave, we planted the grandpa orchid

a simple, beautiful ceremony in the afternoon.

we read the following from ‘The Incarnation of Love’ by Heartmaster Da Avabhasa:

hold on to no thing and no one, not even your apparently individual self.

be certain of no knowledge.

be the sacrifice of all conditions in every moment,

and thus abide in communion with the eternal truth,

wherein the root of your independence is eternally hidden

and your common identity is always already revealed.

in this way you will affirm and participate in the necessarily eternal existence in which you all appear:

surrender into infinity with all your friends

and hold onto no thing or condition that ever appears.

forget all things in present happiness,

and so forgive the universe for all its playful changes.

always love one another,

and so forgive one another for appearing,

for changing,

and for passing out of present sight.

so be it.

I am consumed whole

spring is breathing me to ash

grandpa orchids bloom

(Jessa O’ My Heart – from ‘The Will of God is the Obligation to Love”)

thank you to everyone who has ever loved and shared in oni’s life,

and for those who helped in holding prayers for her passage

during her final hours.

we are grateful for your energy,

your blessing,

and your love


‘a life well-lived’

god is gracious

I observed my lime tree this morning, that has been blessing me with an abundant crop of fresh, zesty goodness for months now – the branches may be lighter, but there are still enough fully-grown limes in process of ripening, the promise of more green joy for weeks to come.

and then, this morning, I noticed a flurry of new flowers on the tree – it is already in the throws of creation of the next crop! this ever-giving cycle of life, overlapping and continuous, is the true current of life.

the other thing I discovered in my garden is that if you remove the junk – the weeds, the unwanted stuff – the garden will replace it with the good stuff, beautiful little plants and ground covers mysteriously appear and take their place.

now, if we could only eliminate the junk of our psyches as easily as pulling weeds, imagine what beauty could spring forth….

begins with these ideas that float around for days, sometimes weeks – little bubbles of subtle energy that gradually begin to grow in volume…

they feed on music, images, scenes from movies, snippets from shakespeare … until eventually they have gathered enough weight that they begin to float down into the creative realm, and usually surface as a design concept as I am trying to fall asleep – there is a corridor of opportunity in that space between the waking and the dreaming state, and this corridor tends to be a traffic jam of ideas waiting to happen [which unfortunately can mess up the sleep bit for a while]…

then, in the morning, a cup of jo [which is now black due to my veganessness] – a pen [I prefer the black liquid ink type], my sketchbook and some sunshine… and the idea becomes two dimensional – voila! the sketch…

from there, it is scratching the idea into the metal, cutting the idea out,

various other assembly manouvres

and then … the idea has been manifested in all its dimensions, ready to meet the world!

and then, someone claims it as their own, and a little bit of me goes out into the world…

greener by the day

recently inspired by seeing a youtube on Mimi Kirk, a 71 year old woman who has been raw vegan for the past 3 years and looks incredible, and  synchronistically receiving my first box of local organic green goodness from summit organics, I have decided to launch into a raw vegan diet.quick history lesson: I stopped eating red meat as a teenager (basically as soon as I gained autonomy over my plate), and would occasionally supplement my vegetarian diet with some chicken, fish and seafood.

after recently watching  ‘the end of the line’, I stopped eating fish.

I moved to organic chicken only after watching ‘food, inc.’

and shortly thereafter realised that I no longer wanted to eat animals at all – for many reasons, the environmental impact of industrial food being only one.

after perusing some some raw vegan blogs and websites, my favourite resource being ‘give it to me raw‘ – I came up with today’s Sunday lunch – a power-packed, totally raw & organic salad plate which looked like this:

a brief description: the green salad is chopped up kale, that I sprinkled with sea salt (to soften) and fresh juice of a just-picked orange.

the red stuff is a coleslaw that I made up my own recipe for: shred cabbage, grate carrot, grate beetroot, add crushed garlic, sea salt, cracked pepper, apple cider vinegar, sesame oil, sultanas and shredded ginger.

the white stuff is – wait for it – fresh cauliflower that I chopped up in the food processor, and then added freshly squeezed lime juice, celery, coriander and radish. and a touch of homemade hummus – which I already had made, from tinned chickpeas (future editions will be from freshly sprouted chickies that are soaking as we speak), raw unhulled tahini (double yum!), lots of garlic and lime juice, with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil added to the processor until the mix is creamy lush.

for dessert [ it is sunday!], a double-delicious organic chocolate, figgy, nutty florentine made locally by my good friend Grayle the chocolate goddess – you can check out her goodies on facebook or shop online here.
as part of my healthy spring clean, I am also doing daily skin-brushing, which is meant to be very good for you – circulation, elimination of toxins, and generally makes your skin feel really nice. I use this brush, which I got at my favourite eco-shop, the thin green line.

Two days into my squeaky clean regime, and I am feeling energised and a bit detoxy, and definitely looking forward to the longer-term benefits!